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From a conversation with my kindergarten class a few weeks ago.

Me: Adonai spoke to Avraham. When I read that I get a little confused – what does it mean that Adonai spoke to Avraham? What did that sound like,  and how did Avraham know?

-I imagine that they just know. Because, like – the wind – it sounds like the wind? Or they are imagining it, and they just know somehow.

– It’s like… they just know it in their brain. They’re not sure.

-They might be asleep and dreaming about it.

Me: What do you think it might sound like in their brains?

-They can just see it and hear it and feel it, in their dream.

-Just like talk.

-Because it was a long time ago, so maybe they knew that God was there. It didn’t matter where they were – they just heard it.

Me: Do you think Adonai used words?

-I think God just used air words.

What are air words?

-The wind is telling you.

But Avraham could understand them?

-YEAH! (Emphatically)

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